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Donna Palm has mastered the art of dreaming big dreams and living life to its fullest. Her journey from homelessness and living in her car, to owning two successful RE/MAX real estate offices, becoming an inspirational author and speaker, as well as her many other entrepreneurial ventures including owning a hair salon and becoming one of the first female industrial electricians in her local union, is an inspiring story of perseverance and triumph over challenges.

Donna Palm successfully published her first book “Dream Bigger, Live Better”, with an already released Second Expanded Edition.

Donna is an inspiration to single mothers everywhere, as well as anyone who desires to follow their dreams. In 2002, as a single mother of two very young children, she moved across the country, without a job and without knowing anyone, in order to follow her dream of raising her family in paradise (Sarasota County, Florida). Completely changing careers, within three years she was the proud owner of two successful RE/MAX franchises; negotiating multimillion-dollar contracts, becoming one of a few elite real estate agents in Sarasota County to achieve the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation, and maintaining international connections around the globe. 

Through her diverse background and professional experiences, she epitomizes the essence of perseverance, drive, hard work and determination to accomplish her goals – and inspire others to do the same.

Never one to sit still for too long, Donna has become the master of redesigning her life. She believes “You only live once, so you have to cram it all in while you can.” Donna now shares with others how to reinvent themselves and redesign their lives using a method she calls “Blueprinting” in tribute to her many years as a union electrician -- building oil refineries, chemical plants and nuclear plants by following the blueprints for their design. According to Donna, designing your life is no different than designing a building; it's all in the planning.

Always known to have a rebel soul, Donna continues to break barriers doing things in ways that have never been done before. “Someone has to be first; why not you?”


“In my dreams I want to be a breath of fresh air, inspire others to follow their dreams and live the most fulfilling life possible. I want others to believe in their own possibilities without self-imposed limits; and to see for themselves their unlimited potential.”

~ Donna Palm - Mission Statement