Children and Young People

Donna Palm speaks with children about growth and success - Children and Young People

Donna believes it is very important to start inspiring children and young people at an early age - when their sense of themselves and who they are is just beginning to form. Could you imagine how much farther all of us would be in life if we had learned many of life’s lessons earlier?

These are the types of lessons they do not teach in school. Well it’s time we start their education now. It is time for the next generation to have the learning opportunities we did not have. Donna loves to visit and do presentations for schools and private groups. It makes such a difference in the children’s lives, their future and in our future world as a whole. She modifies her presentations to connect with the ages of the children in the audience and to the time available. She is interactive with the audience, friendly, and the kids love to get involved. Donna teaches younger children through parable like stories that are relatable to the lessons we all need to learn.

Topics include-

 Bullying

 Being adaptable

 You become who you believe you are

 Without struggles we wouldn’t fly

 Do not allow others to steal your dreams

 How to be yourself in a world of agreement reality

The results are impressive. We have had many parents and teachers notice a difference in the self-esteem, thinking processes and changes in the children’s decision making skills after they have experienced these presentations.

To schedule Donna to speak at your school, group or events please contact us.

Availability is worldwide, travel and expenses to be negotiated.