Dream Bigger, Live Better
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Donna Palm has mastered the art of dreaming big dreams and redesigning her life. Her journey from homelessness and living in her car, to owning two successful RE/MAX real estate offices, becoming an inspirational author and speaker as well as her many other entrepreneurial ventures is an inspiring story of perseverance and triumph over challenges – and proof that big dreams do come true.

Do not apologize for dreaming big and living well… you deserve to win! Tired of your current situation? Do you wish that things would change? Donna shares with readers how to follow their dreams and live their most fulfilling life possible.  Donna proves No Matter What Your Past Is, Your Future Can Be Anything You Choose.

In her inspiring and compelling title, “Dream Bigger, Live Better -The Second Expanded Edition,” including all new additional content,  Donna shares her life plan to Blueprint Your Dreams, find Balance in your Life and gives real examples of how to Rescue Yourself from life’s day-to-day ruts. By following the Blueprint, you should be able to accomplish anything your heart desires. Join Donna Palm and create the life you desire to live in “Dream Bigger, Live Better-The Inspirational and Compelling Second Edition.”


"Don’t waste time living a mundane and unfulfilled life; watching life go by without taking the initiative to fulfill your dreams and not believing in your own potential."

- Donna Palm

The Moment is Now! The Only Limitations You Will Ever Have Are the Ones You Put on Yourself
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What People are Saying about Dream Bigger, Live Better

This book is so inspiring and encouraging! Donna really encourages people to take action to perfect their lives and live the way they want to live. I took her advice and I cannot believe the impact it had on my life. Not only does she deliver some time-old advise with a new twist that really gets you thinking, but she also teaches new lessons based off her own experiences and makes it all so relatable! I go back to this book whenever I need encouragement. Definitely worth the read! Tip of my own: DEFINITELY mark up the text! It makes a difference! And don’t skip over the worksheets and “personal best” lists. It really is a good thing to go back to when you need to pick yourself up!
“Over the years I have read too many self help books to remember. This author has captured an idea for self help that does not rely on climbing on the backs of others to be successful. The idea of making your own success by ignoring and avoiding those who would “steal your dreams” is a unique and fresh approach to success. This book is for anyone who has been held back by negative feedback from friends, family, teachers, bosses, etc. Anyone whose negative feedback has stolen their self-confidence to achieve their dreams.”
This is a self-help book for people who don’t generally read them. Full of simple wisdom, its advice: Get off your duff and take charge of your life, is exactly what I needed. She writes well, laces the book with personal experience and insight, tells of her trials and triumphs, but never loses sight of you, her reader. It is a short book, the kind you read a few pages at a time. Its pleasure and utility sets you up to have a productive day, a good day, the kind of day you hope to have. Check it out.