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Donna Palm


If you are looking for someone who’s one of a kind, you’ve found her. Donna’s life experiences are definitely unlike any others. She went from being homeless to driving a Maserati, owning two RE/MAX franchises, several corporations and real estate investments. 

For many years Donna worked as an industrial union electrician in oil refineries, chemical plants, nuclear plants and steel mills. She was only the third woman in her union long before the days of sexual harassment laws. Other women considered her a pioneer. 

Many years ago, after getting divorced, she moved with her two young children across the country to follow her dream of raising her family in paradise. Donna completely changed careers becoming a real estate broker, investor and RE/MAX owner, all while knowing absolutely no one in Florida when she arrived. Since many people constantly asked her, “How did you do it? How do you continually redesign your life at will?” Donna finally wrote it down and published the first edition of “Dream Bigger, Live Better”.

Now in its second expanded edition, Donna’s book has inspired others all over the world. Donna has the unique ability to redesign her life over and over again. She now teaches others how to actually design and achieve the life they dream of.

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One of Donna’s favorite things to do is to take something that is rundown and then rehab it into something beautiful. This includes real estate as well as lives. Anything is possible; if Donna can do it, you can too. As you can see, Donna has a unique life experience that she draws from in order to speak on many diverse subjects, to many diverse audiences. 

When Donna speaks, it is from the heart, from life experience, business experience and touches the audience in a unique way. She is engaging, inspiring and feels like a friend. Donna truly cares.

She tells it like it is. She is not formal, pretentious or stuffy.dsc_9083 

She is just Donna, real and true.

Nothing means more to her than to be able to touch someone and make a difference in their life. It will be her legacy. To schedule Donna to speak at your event please contact us. Appearances, Speeches and Training programs may be modified and designed to your individual need. 

Availability is worldwide, travel and expenses to be negotiated.

The Ballad of Donna Palm

Written by Cavin Adams

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"This is why I do what I do, speaking, writing and sharing my life."

- Donna Palm

Donna’s incarnations -

  • • Licensed Cosmetologist
  • • Cashier in a Convenience Store
  • • Cocktail Waitress
  • • Veterinary Technician for Race Horses, Dogs and Cats
  • • Industrial Union Electrician
  • • Single Mother of a Daughter and Son
  • • Real Estate Broker
  • • RE/MAX Owner
  • • Real Estate Investor
  • • General Construction and Remodeling
  • • Published Author
  • • Trainer and Speaker
  • • Model, Spokesperson and Actress on many national and international commercials, television shows and infomercials
  • • Owner of several corporations, including a children’s playhouse distributorship, a Hair Salon, a publishing company, a property Management Company, video production, real estate investments, a travel company and more…

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