Teenagers and College Students

Donna Palm helps millennials overcome the stresses of adulthood - College Students

Donna understands that this age group has its own set of challenges. This is a very transitional time; a time of excitement and of fear of change. Young people this age are discovering who they are and who they want to be. It is a struggle between youth and becoming an adult. There is an excitement to be free to make your own decisions but yet the responsibilities that come with becoming an adult can be scary.

Donna speaks to these struggles. She touches on topics including-

 Being adaptable

 How to deal with every day struggles

 That is ok to Fail- that is how you learn-just take a “Do Over”

 The difference between Social Reality and Their own reality

 How to push past fear, Dream Stealers and naysayers

 How to design the future you dream of

 How to make an actual blueprint in order to achieve it


Donna’s presentations are conversational, interactive and relatable. Feedback is inspiring. The audience leaves with a feeling of comfort, focus and faith in their future. Each audience member receives an actual personalized individual Blueprint designed specifically for them. Following their individual Blueprint will enable them to easily design their future and follow their dreams. To schedule Donna to speak at your school, group or events please contact us

Availability is worldwide, travel and expenses to be negotiated.

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