Real Estate Testimonials

“We were referred to you by our friends Cathy and Sandy who had bought and sold several homes with you. We originally chose to work with you because we respected their opinion and of their positive experience with you, especially when we need to be open about our life style and appreciate your acceptance of it. Since we were new to the area you were very helpful in pointing out the differences in the quality of construction between homes and which would be a better purchase and investment. We feel you work in the best interest of your clients and have referred you to friends and family.”
Kathy H – Information Technology Consultant – Massachusetts, USA
“We have a very large family with young children. Donna’s undying patience and understanding with all of the challenges in finding the perfect home for our family made our lives so much easier. I have worked with other Realtors and was not impressed. Donna’s understanding, patience and negotiating skills were above and beyond my expectations. Even after some very difficult negotiations with multiple properties, Donna continued on, her tenacity is impressive. Donna was always very comfortable and helpful with our small children while looking at more homes than we can remember. When we finally found our new home, there were many modifications needed to fit our large family, Donna was there with all the information possible. Donna also did a wonderful job with sale of our previous home, providing suggestions for preparing it and increasing its value and salability. I have recommended her several times and would use her again.”
Dr Richard and Dr Teresa Whisnant and Family – Venice, Florida, USA
“I am a professional real estate investor and I have invested all around the world. I have never worked with an agent as professional and knowledgeable as Donna Palm. She is definitely on the ball and always up to date on the most current conditions. Donna’s negotiating skills are amazing. I have bought and sold many properties through her and I have recommended her to several of my friends and fellow investors. They have all thanked me and were grateful for my recommendation.”
Gerarde Sulllivan – General Contractor and Developer – Zimbabwe
“Donna Palm is very educated and knowledgeable especially in the area of investment properties, short sales and foreclosures. I have asked advice from her many times, she is a wealth of knowledge. I recommend her to my colleagues and friends all of the time. She is my go to person for information and great deals on properties currently available.”
Denise Boyd – Marine Biologist – Sarasota, Florida
“We were impressed from our initial interview and you worked very hard for us. We would gladly refer you. We would describe you as knowledgeable, honest, straightforward and very hard working. You have great knowledge of the area and are very professional at all times.”
Mr. and Mrs Don P. – Retired Business Owners – Dundas, Ontario, Canada
“Donna pays attention to the details and has a great sense of humor. She is not intimidated by tough situations. She is always ready to help solve tough problems. She has outstanding negotiating skills, with a smile. Donna works hard, knows her people and her product, she is smart and I enjoy working with her.”
Robert D. – Attorney – Venice, Florida, USA
“We met Donna several years ago. She was recommended to us by a friend. We have since used her for all our real estate needs. We have since recommended her to several of our friends. Donna is very professional and knowledgeable in every area. We are very grateful to Donna for her negotiating skills. She spent a lot of time with us explaining all of the idiosyncrasies of the current real estate market.”
Mr and Mrs Robert Cherry – Investment Software Designer and Author – LeQuiou, France
“From first contact, Donna began to educate us on the Florida residential real estate market. Since we were moving from out of state we had a lot of questions. The answers to our questions were always prompt and educational. We bought a newly constructed home from a builder and Donna was able to negotiate with the builder to include extras and make some requested custom changes at no additional cost. We chose to work with the best and we are glad we did!”
William and MaryAnn Clark – Retired Business Owners – Boulder, Colorado, USA

Dream Bigger, Live Better Testimonials

“Dream Bigger Live Better” is a Fast Read!! I ordered it from Amazon three days before my flight from NJ to Florida. It came the day before I left. By the time the flight landed in Florida I had only thirty pages left to read!! I had corned pages, underlined sentences and quoted quotations along the way. I have never been into “Feel Good”, Self Help books, as I am a confident, independent successful woman or so I thought!!! Donna’s ideas for, “Blueprints and lists to refer back to in the future, are genius!! Nowhere in her past, and or present, accomplishments does it mention she was a journalist? Well, Ms Palm, you may now add that to the TOP OF YOUR LIST!!!! I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR NEXT WORK!”
Candy P., New Jersey, USA
“This is real world stuff and not some pie in the sky mantra stuff you repeat over and over to yourself. I wouldn’t call it motivational but instead a map as to how to live a more productive life!”
Ron Turner, Palmetto, Florida USA
“This book is a MUST read, I couldn’t put it down! It is so inspiring, like Donna Palm herself. Donna is such a dynamic lady and yet is very vulnerable. She meets challenges head on and overcomes them in a most positive manner. The book is very well written and an inspiration to anyone who reads it.”
Pamela Cherry, Brittany, France
“Over the years I have read too many self help books to remember. This author has captured an idea for self help that does not rely on climbing on the backs of others to be successful. The idea of making your own success by ignoring and avoiding those who would “steal your dreams” is a unique and fresh approach to success. This book is for anyone who has been held back by negative feedback from friends, family, teachers, bosses, etc. Anyone whose negative feedback has stolen their self-confidence to achieve their dreams.”
Robert E., St Louis, Missouri USA
This is a self-help book for people who don’t generally read them. Full of simple wisdom, its advice: Get off your duff and take charge of your life, is exactly what I needed. She writes well, laces the book with personal experience and insight, tells of her trials and triumphs, but never loses sight of you, her reader. It is a short book, the kind you read a few pages at a time. Its pleasure and utility sets you up to have a productive day, a good day, the kind of day you hope to have. Check it out.
Fred R. Weiss
This book is so inspiring and encouraging! Donna really encourages people to take action to perfect their lives and live the way they want to live. I took her advice and I cannot believe the impact it had on my life. Not only does she deliver some time-old advise with a new twist that really gets you thinking, but she also teaches new lessons based off her own experiences and makes it all so relatable! I go back to this book whenever I need encouragement. Definitely worth the read! Tip of my own: DEFINITELY mark up the text! It makes a difference! And don’t skip over the worksheets and “personal best” lists. It really is a good thing to go back to when you need to pick yourself up!